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Hwangjini Jin (Ginseng) Body Care

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Hwangjini Jin (ginseng) Body Care

Hwangjini Jin Body SPA

  • Skin is kept soft and moist by excellent moisturizing and cleansing effects of natural ingredients from ginseng and dong-hwang-to (eastward yellow soil).

Dong-hwang-to (eastward yellow soil)

  • Plenty of various beneficial enzymes and minerals including catalase are contained in dong-hwang-to (eastward yellow soil), which has an outstanding soothing effect. The product is effective for those with atopic dermatitis and serious skin troubles, in case of long-term use. Also, the ingredient extracted from ginseng maximizes the power of restoration of healthy skin.

How to Use

  • Soak the body with water and pump the product out to towel for 2 times. Make foams and rub around the body evenly like massaging.
  • A minimum of two minutes are required for massaging in order to maximize the effect of Hwangjini Jin Body SPA. More excellent effect can be felt by massaging twice consecutively.